How to Begin Planning Your Florida Vacation

Sarasota, Florida is a popular tourist destination thanks to its beautiful weather and fantastic beaches. Of course if you are planning a visit, you will need to know a little more about this location to be certain it is exactly what you are looking for. A Sarasota Visit can include a variety of activities and accommodations to suit your need for excitement, relaxation or affordability. You just have to know where to look to find what you want.

Beaches are the biggest reason most people come to Sarasota. Their award-winning beaches are known for their white sands, beautiful views and sprawling sizes that make it easy to find space for yourself and your family to spread out and enjoy the sunshine. The city and its volunteers work hard to keep their beaches spotless, showing genuine community pride.

Golf courses and clubs, public parks and outdoor concert and event venues keep everyone who visits the area busy with a seemingly endless list of recreational activities. Since this was the birthplace of the Ringling Brothers circus, visitors can also travel the circus trail to learn more about its colorful history. There are also circus performances held regularly that anyone can attend.


There are many museums and cultural attractions throughout the city as well as many historic buildings that have been preserved thanks to renovation efforts over the last 30 years. Visitors will also find numerous restaurants, spas and shopping opportunities throughout the entire Sarasota area. There is something available for everyone no matter what your age, income or interests may be.

The accommodations in Sarasota include luxurious seaside resorts and high-end hotels. Long term and short term condo rentals both off and on the water are available and many offer an amazing array of luxury amenities. If you are looking for privacy, many individually owned vacation homes are found in the city that can house a whole family and have everything you need to live comfortably in this home away from home. Inexpensive motels and motor inns are easy to find and bed and breakfast accommodations are tucked away in many Sarasota neighborhoods.

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